Strategic Management

Posted by on Thursday, August 17th, 2017


Professional training program Strategic Management provides listeners with practically useful information from all relevant areas of management that are necessary to perform the position of senior manager.


Listeners get acquainted with the economics of their organisation and personnel management, marketing, crisis management and business ethics. At the same time, listeners learn about the principles of determining the strategic objectives of the organization and will be able to analyze and optimize processes within an organization, or create a representative identity and image. Listeners will in solving case studies deepen their knowledge and skills in complex decision-making and strategic management of the company. The program also includes modules for project management and management of information technology. This program is ideal for businessmen, members of the middle and senior management, executives and all who are interested to watch and use modern management trends. The program is also very useful to all employees who are involved or will be involved in the preparation and implementation of strategic business management and other types of organizations, which significantly affect their performance.

Technical informations

  • DegreeMaster of Business Administration
  • Length of study2 years
  • Tuition fee$19,000

The fee includes admission of listener, manage his study profile, payments for monitoring and evaluating the results of his study, pay teachers for individual consultations, discharge, dissertation and graduation.
Strategic Managers can expect to earn a very comfortable salary, with average salaries (in the ballpark of $109K) surpassing six figures annually. In the world of Senior Strategic Managers, total cash compensation can vary between $78K and $156K. Each package generally includes bonuses and profit sharing proceeds, and in exceptional cases, those amounts can reach heights of $25K and $12K, respectively. Geography is the biggest factor affecting pay for this group, followed by career length. Most Senior Strategic Managers like their work and job satisfaction is high*.

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