Social Work

Posted by on Thursday, August 17th, 2017


Listeners study social work to develop a deeper preconditions for independent professional performance in the field.


The aim of the education is to provide a future social workers the knowledge and skills necessary primarily for developing the ability to self-reflect and evaluate the life situation of different target groups of clients and their methods of coping. Also determine procedures for intervention or adjustment system measures. Education also develops the capacity for independent conceptual work in the field of social work. Own research listeners implemented as part of making theses.

Technical informations

  • DegreeMaster
  • Length of study2 years
  • Tuition fee$16,000

The fee includes admission of listener, manage his study profile, payments for monitoring and evaluating the results of his study, pay teachers for individual consultations, discharge, dissertation and graduation.
The average salary for a Social or Community Service Manager is $49,285 per year. For the first five to ten years in this position, pay increases steeply. Most people move on to other jobs if they have more than 20 years’ experience in this career*.

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