Social Studies

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The study is focused primarily on critical reflection on the role of mass media in postmodern society.


Listeners are acquainted with the key theoretical concepts explaining the functioning of the media and the methodology of their research. In education is a stronger emphasis on communication and media theory and research on mass communication, new media, media content and audiences. Listeners also get space for creation of media products with an emphasis on audiovisual journalism and online media. The study of the specific issues confirms fact that in itself combines theoretical and practical issues. Listeners acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for theoretical research and analysis of the media, but also learn to create media content and distribute to different audiences. Graduate will be able to work with the media both inside and outside, to apply in practice as active creators of media content, or conversely as a critical research analyst and researcher.

Technical informations

  • DegreeMaster
  • Length of study2 years
  • Tuition fee$16,000

The fee includes admission of listener, manage his study profile, payments for monitoring and evaluating the results of his study, pay teachers for individual consultations, discharge, dissertation and graduation.
Average Media Managers make around $55K per year. Including potential for bonuses and profit sharing — peaking near $8K and $15K, respectively — total cash payment to Media Managers can bottom out near $35K or peak near $89K depending on individual performance. Career length and the particular city each impact pay for this group, with the former having the largest influence*.

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